revised October 2014

Eurovent and the CTI have established a cooperation agreement under which the CTI provides thermal certification process services for cooling towers to Eurovent. This includes thermal testing and administration according to CTI STD-201 RS and OM for product lines that originate their certification process with Eurovent. Manufacturers with CTI certified product lines can also be covered under Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC). For all EC certified products either manufactured in Europe or imported into the region, EC conducts factory audits of the respective manufacturers to assure that what is being manufactured conforms to the data of record submitted by that manufacturer for each certified product line. Note that the CTI and ECC each allow dual certification, but neither require it.

For more information about ECC Cooling Tower Certification, follow the link below to the ECC cooling tower certification program page:

Eurovent ECC Cooling Tower Certification

For more information about Eurovent Certita Certification in general, follow the link below to the ECC home page:

Eurovent Certita Certification

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