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CTI Bulletin PRM-103 (2012)

Revised February 2017

The following papers were presented at meetings of the Cooling Technology Institute and are listed by categories. Efforts are being made to simplify our filing system. The new order number is in the first column with the old order number in parenthesis after the title. This will help in cross referencing numbers. Reproduced copies of these papers are available from the CTI office, PO Box 681807, Houston, Texas 77268. Please order by the new order number. Papers are priced at $10.00 each, plus postage/handling. Prepayment is requested on all orders $25 or less.

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Analysis Method
Cleaning Systems
Cooling Tower Conversion
Cooling Tower Water Blowdown Treatment
Cooling Tower Water Chemistry
Cooling Tower Water Treatment Programs
Corrosion *
Deposit Control
Drift *
Dry Cooling
Energy Evaluation *
Environmental Impact
Environmental Importance
Fans & Associated Equipment *
Fan Performance
Fills *
Fire Protection
History of Cooling Towers
HVAC Applications
Iron Rot Attack
Legionella *
Legionnaires' Disease
Lightning Protection
Materials *
Mechanical Draft Towers
Microbiological Activity in Cooling Systems
Natural Draft Towers
Non Oxidizing Biocides *
Oxidizing Biocides
Plume Abatement *
Repair and Construction *
Sidestream Softening
CTI Standards/Specifications
Specifications of Cooling Tower Water Treatments
Testing *
Thermal Performance *
Tower Testing
Treatment Control *
Treatment Evaluation *
Use of Biocides
Utility Industry
Water Management
Water Reuse
Water Treatment *
Winter Operation
Wood Attack
Zero Discharge
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