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Revised 2016

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Cleaning Systems
Order NumberTitleAuthorDate
Online Robotic Cleaning Method Michael Dorsey, Aquacorr Services and Joe Leist, Scrantron Robotics 2016
Abstract: Michael Dorsey, Aquacorr Services and Joe Leist, Scrantron Robotics
Cooling Tower Water Conservation Jon J. Cohen and Henry A. Becker, H-O-H Water Technology 2010
Abstract: Global ecology, resource preservation and green technologies have become a focal point of manufacturing facilities, government agencies and new technology in every industry over the past decade. Water conservation is a critical approach to environmental and resource conservation. A unique approach is being used to address concerns of water reuse at a facility with zero permissible discharge and plant wastewater effluent for cooling tower make-up. A creative combination of electrochemical water treatment and chemicals was employed. This paper will discuss the approach and results used in this cooling tower application.
Online Cooling Tower Cleaning and Water Division Cliff Roy & John Foy, Syncrude Canada LTD; Lloyd Olson, International Cooling Towers 1999
Abstract: This paper highlights specific problems associated with a Cold Water Basin Cleaning in an eleven (11) cell cross flow cooling tower in Northern Alberta at the Syncrude Canada Site. The cleaning involved structural modifications of nine (9) of the eleven (11) cells and a diversion of 100,000 gallons of water per minute to maintain plant operation. This would be the first cleaning of the tower in 20 plus years of operation and two major hydrogen mishaps to the tower. The cleaning and diversion while maintaining tower operation and plant operation has never before been attempted anywhere in Canada and is possible the first ever done anywhere in the world.
New Technology Improves Tower Basin Cleaning Randy Delenikos, Bill Leizear,
LAKOS Filtration System
Abstract: Historically, filtration has been perceived as a solution to a problem. More specifically, once the problem has manifest itself, a solution is subsequently sought.. which generally results in the applied removal of the troublesome contaminant from a given fluid. Instead, it is suggested that there are specific instances where the prevention of contaminants may be a more viable solution. The presentation focuses on the common problem of bacteria growth as a result of particle accumulation. Identifying the contributing characteristics that create the bacteria, technology in introduced which may help prevent its occurrence, thereby avoiding the subsequent need for means to remove or neutralize bacterial contaminants. Application concepts, illustrations, case stories and technical formulae for applying this technology will be introduced and reviewed.
Online Cooling Tower Cleaning Mark Coyle, Gordon Barksdale, American Inland Divers, Inc. 1996
Abstract: The technical paper will be about removing sludge and cleaning cooling tower basins while the tower is procedures, safety issues and comparison to traditional methods. We will also discuss the benefits, reasons and some past projects and experiences.
Chemical Cleaning of the Water Side of Process Equipment (TP-15A) W.E. Zimmie, W.E. Zimmie, Inc. 1964

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