CTI Bibliography of Technical Papers - Cooling Tower Conversion

Revised 1999

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Cooling Tower Conversion
Order NumberTitleAuthorDate
Conversion of a Crossflow Tower to a Double-Level, Multi Fan Counter Vincent Wiltz, Cooling Tower Specialists 1999
Abstract: During the past two years, Cooling Tower Specialist, Inc. completed the design and installation for the conversion of twenty-two (22) industrial scale cross flow cells into multiple level, multiple fan, counterflow cells (U.S. patent number 5,028,356). The conversions occurred at a major nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing facility located in Louisiana, USA. This paper details all aspects of the conversion, starting with the initial concept, design philosophy, performance expectations, and proceeding with all elements of construction. Tower performance data prior to and after the conversion are presented along with an official CTI Performance test.
Com Ed Co. Byron Generating Station Unit 1 Crossflow to Counterflow Conversion James O. Smith Com Ed Co., Mark Muder, Marley Cooling Tower 1997
Abstract: This project paper will discuss the conversion of two Eckokel Crossflow hyperbolic cooling towers to low cbg, film fill, and counterflow units. The paper will discuss the structural, hydraulic, and performance issues that are pertinent to this project.

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