CTI Bibliography of Technical Papers - Environmental Importance

Revised 2011

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Environmental Importance
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The 3 R's of sustainable water cooled systems operation. Allen Wilson, Fluid Treatment Solutions, Inc. 2011
Abstract: To iterate the fact that cooling towers are inherently economically and environmentally ‘green’. This paper will utilize the main strategies of ‘green’, i.e. reduced energy, water conservation and recycling with a focus on sustainability. A comparison of air cooled verses water cooled systems will be approached from several vantage points; energy consumption, water consumption and GHG emissions each of which will be delineated. A review of water treatment technology and its impact on water use, improved operational efficiency, and environmental impact will be explored. Factors to be considered will be cycles of concentration and operational load. A conclusion can be reached that cooling towers are truly a sustainable and viable option in heart exchange systems for creature comfort.
Sea Water Cooling Tower Design Neresh Shah and Ranjit Nakka, Fluor Corporation 2007
Abstract: Recently application of indirect seawater cooling has become popular particularly in the regions having scarcity of good quality water. This requires careful design of the overall system starting from cooling water/sea water exchangers, sea water cooling tower, cooling tower basin, seawater intake and returns basins. Attention must be paid to the interface with seawater supply canals. This paper considers important aspects of designing seawater cooling systems.
Bacterial Aerosols Generated by Cooling Towers of Electrical Generating Plants (TP-191A) A. Paul Adams, Dept. of the Army Barbara G. Lewis, Argonne National Labs 1978
Effect of Trace Metals on Stream Ecology (TP-60A) Charles Lanford, Petro-Tex Chemical Corporation 1969
Use of a Cooling Tower as a Trickling Filter in Pollution Control (TP-9A) R.M. Smith, The Dow Chemical Company 1964

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