CTI Bibliography of Technical Papers - Fire Protection

Revised 2014

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Fire Protection
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Cooling Tower Fire Protection Materials Evaluation in a Fossil Plant Matt Wangerin and Emery Lange, Ashland Water Technologies 2014
Abstract: This paper investigates an often overlooked, but critical portion of the cooling system—the life expectancy of a cooling tower fire protection sprinkler system piping. It describes the operating experience of the Hugo Power Plant’s sprinkler system, as well as analytical data on material of construction options. The authors explain how overlooked installation processes may have a substantial negative impact on maintenance expenditure and system reliability.
Fire Protection in FRP Cooling Towers James L. Baker, Composite Cooling Solutions, LP 2013
Abstract: There is a misconception throughout the Power, Process, and HVAC industries that cooling towers are basically resistant to fire because they are by nature wet. This technical paper will explain in detail the facts about fires in cooling towers. It will address and clarify terminology, such as fire retardant vs. flame spread, and other misconceptions and misinterpretations. After terminology is defined, this paper will address Factory Mutual (FM) Approval and the costs and advantages of this program. We will define FM and present the strict program that has to be completed to gain this accreditation. The paper will discuss how FM Approval results in savings in insurance premiums. This paper will also review the many standards that govern all types of fire protection systems and testing procedures. Some of these standards are: EM-119, Testing Procedures; MFPA-13, Sprinkler Installations; NFPA-214, Sprinkler/Firewalls; CTI Chapter 12, Fire Protection; and NFPA-251, Testing of Materials Procedures.
Fire Resistant Wall Systems for Water Cooling Tower Systems Mike Bickerstaff, Composite Cooling Solutions, L.P. 2010
Abstract: There are several factors that need to be addressed prior to selecting the appropriate cooling tower fire wall for a facility with critical demands. Owners must give special consideration to the specifications of the fire wall system they are requesting for their cooling towers. Simply referencing a fire standard may not provide the owner with the finished product they desire or need. This paper will review the systematic approach that should be followed when erecting an appropriate fire wall system. The paper will also review the test results from the full scale fire tests that were conducted for the purpose of providing information for this paper. Finally, the paper will elaborate on the special design considerations that are necessary to achieve a fire wall system that meets the design parameters, minimum maintenance requirements, and the extended service life that are being demanded for today’s critical cooling tower systems.
Fire Protection and Cooling Towers (T-95A) Bruce A. Miller, Factory Mutual Engineering Association 1971
Fire Protection of Water Cooling Towers (T-2A) H.C. Cranick, Factory Insuarance Association 1962

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