CTI Bibliography of Technical Papers - Psychrometrics

Revised 2014

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Psychrometry Insights Magose Abraham Eju 2014
Abstract: Psychrometry, which is the science of humid (moist) air and its properties, play an important role in the evaluation of the performance of Evaporative Heat Transfer Systems such as cooling towers. It deals with the physical and thermodynamic properties of air-water vapor mixtures. This paper provides insights into some key parameters of pschrometry.
Psychrometrics and the Psychrometer (TP-231A) Ivan F. Kuharic, The Marley Cooling Tower Company 1981
Abstract: Cooling tower performance is calculated on the basis of thermodynamic wet bulb temperature, which is not directly measurable. Cooling tower testing is based on the wet bulb psychrometer. The correlation between the psychrometer and the thermodynamic wet bulb temperature is reviewed.

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