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Revised 2009

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CTI Standards/Specifications
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Inspection of Pultruded Cooling Tower Components Dustin Troutman, Creative Pultrusions, Inc. and Jess Seawell, Composite Cooling Systems, LP 2009
Abstract: Pultruded profiles dominate the cooling tower market as the material of choice for field erected cooling towers. Pultruded profiles offer many positive attributes. However, unlike the steel, concrete, and wood industry, the pultrusion industry has not matured to the point of having ASCE endorsed design codes and quality requirements. Therefore, the quality control and quality assurance standards are up to the individual pultruder. This paper will discuss the visual and structural quality assurance and quality control programs utilized by Creative Pultrusions, Inc., and Composite Cooling Solutions, L.P., both at the production plant and the construction site to ensure each member satisfies the minimum visual and structural standards.
Florida Building Code Structural Requirements for Evaporative Cooling Equipment Greg Hentschel and Mark Speckin - SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. 2009
Abstract: Due to high incidences of severe weather and hurricanes to the Florida peninsula, the Florida Department of Community Affairs and the International Code Council (ICC) has issued new and improved stringent regulations to the Florida Building Code. This paper will provide an in depth examination of the Florida Building Code and recent declaratory statements issued on how the codes apply to the cooling towers. It will also review the benefits of following the code, how to ensure all parties involved are meeting legal requirements and the responsibilities of the engineer of record, cooling tower manufacturer, building inspectors and owners.
How To Make CTI Standards Work For You (TP-88-04) James L. Willa, Willa, Inc. 1988
Abstract: This paper covers the CTI Standards and how to utilize them properly in specifications, evaluation and construction in order to obtain a quality-cooling tower. Some of the standards which will have their important points reviewed include: Redwood-Lumber Specifications; Nomenclature; Pressure Preservative Treatment of Lumber; Gear Speed Reducers; Douglas Fir Lumber Specifications; Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Panels Specifications; Plywood for Use in Cooling Towers.
CTI Certification: Its Benefits to the Cooling Tower Industry (TP-85-01) David Hutton, P.E., BAC-Pritchard, Inc. 1985
Abstract: Certification capacities by the CTI assure the tower purchaser of full performance without the need for field-testing. Many benefits accrue to all segments of the industry when cooling towers are certified per CTI Standard STD-201.
Cooling Tower Bid Evaluation (TP-126A) James L. Willa & Paul David Hoffmann, Lilie Hoffmann Cooling Towers, Inc. 1974

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